Drawing by Fedja Čelebić

Representing Loneliness

A visual artist, a dancer, and a musician are currently collaborating to create a multimodal piece of art that plays with referentiality, re-presentation, and emotional translation. Their objective is to take the complex idea of loneliness and imagine how it can be represented visually by converging all of their areas of expertise. They plan to bring the two-dimensional drawing into the three-dimensional space of dance. Finally, the drawing in combination with the dance will be the foundation of the musical score for the piece. The visual artist, currently located in Montenegro, has drawn the piece above as the first iteration of loneliness. The dancer, currently located in Los Angeles, will use a screen recording of the drawing process to choreograph a synergistic dance, and both short videos will be blended. The musician, also currently located in Los Angeles, will then craft a score in response to the feelings evoked from this second iteration of loneliness to create yet a third. They hope the result will be a complex visual melding of forms into one cohesive evocative artistic experience of a feeling that everyone knows and inhabits uniquely.

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