Convergence in Collaboration

CAPER™, The Convergent Arts Platform, is a unified web-based platform dedicated to revolutionizing the arts through the convergence of fields and the collaboration of diverse artists. Innovation in artistic expression arises from the collision of ideas. CAPER™ seeks to foster this innovation by encouraging artists to think differently and inventively about the means to their artistic ends.

The Need

Through guidance in creative ideation, exploration, and experimentation, artists will be able to work together to create unprecedented multimodal, future-thinking art that will transform how cultures perceive and respond to the arts. Today, there is a need for the convergence of artistic fields and the collaboration of diverse artists to achieve a collision of ideas that result in breakthrough artistic expressions. Rather than being solely an artistic social network or merely a guided collaboration virtual environment, CAPER™ offers both, driven by the insight that the convergence of different fields can often yield innovative artistic expressions.

Connect with Other Artists

CAPER will connect you to a growing community of artists from around the world.

Build Your Artistic Network

Search for artists in various fields to connect with.

Studios and Forums

Work with your team in a multi-medial virtual workspace.

Collaborate and Crowdsource

Brainstorm ideas and share them with the community for feedback.

Converge Your Fields

CAPER will prompt you to think about how your artistic field can converge with the fields of others

Create Hybrid Art

Experiment and explore different options for creating your innovative art pieces using our proprietary software.


Post media, press, and other promotional material of your finished work to your personal gallery and the public CAPER™ gallery.

Display and Promote Your Work

Allow CAPER™ to promote your work to galleries, theaters, companies, and other artistic venues to gain exposure.

Why Choose CAPER™

      • Work with artists across geographies and across disciplines
      • More than a social network, CAPER™ facilitates matchmaking among users
      • The only collaborative platform that guides users through the brainstorming process
      • We’ll promote your work and give you more exposure
      • Gain inspiration and engage with your work in ways you haven’t before

What Users Say

CAPER has helped me see my field of art (acting) in a new light. I am collaborating with an artist in Colorado on a piece that combines performing and visual arts. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish with CAPER!

Patrick Steward, Los Angeles

I decided to join CAPER because I wanted to know what it would be like to work with someone outside of my current physical artistic community. Not only did I get to build my network, but it was an inspiring and challenging experience. I can’t wait to start my next project!

Lauren Chase, Denver
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