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The CAPER™ Process

CAPER™ is designed to bring together artists from all different geographies, cultures, and artistic modalities into a virtual space where they can be inspired and challenged to think creatively. CAPER™ can serve as an artistic social network. Even more, CAPER™ can employ a matchmaking algorithm that makes recommendations of connections for users based on interests and skills. This way, users can start building their artistic social network and matching with artists to begin collaborating.

Next, the guidance given by CAPER™ to its users to pursue convergence in the collaboration process is two-fold. First, CAPER™ will utilize a patentable technology called an option generation aid. People tend to confuse their objectives (what they want to achieve) with options (the ways they can achieve their objectives). This can cause people to settle for an option as their objective without considering if there is a better option out there for what they want to achieve. The option generation aid will help the artists of CAPER™ stretch their imaginations to generate and uncover novel options for achieving their artistic goals that they may not have otherwise been able to think of by themselves. Second, CAPER™ will encourage its users to crowdsource their ideas to the rest of the CAPER™ community through forums organized by keywords to collect feedback and varying perspectives on their ideas. Through the simultaneous stimulation and crowdsourcing of new ideas, CAPER™ artists will be inspired to think in more creative, innovative ways throughout the process of pursuing their collaborative artistic endeavors. Through this guidance in creative ideation, exploration, and experimentation, artists will be able to work together to create unprecedented multimodal, future-thinking art that will transform how cultures perceive and respond to the arts. For a step-by-step explanation of this process, visit our Studios page.

Finally, CAPER™ users can promote their work on their own personal galleries on their profiles, and they can choose to allow CAPER™ to promote their work in its public gallery. This gallery and other CAPER™ online showcases featuring artists’ work will be marketed and promoted to various artistic venues to get the artists more exposure.

Overall, CAPER™ helps artists build their artistic networks, collaborate with artists across borders, engage in imaginative thinking to create more innovative art, and promote their work and themselves by the end of the process.

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