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Becoming a Benefit Corporation

CAPER™ intends to become a Benefit Corporation. A Benefit Corporation is a for-profit corporation, but in addition to creating value for its shareholders, there are three additional legalities: 1) accountability, 2) transparency, and 3) purpose. This decision will protect our mission of providing a quality service for the betterment of society.

The Business Model

A couple key parts of our business model include our revenue streams and partnerships. CAPER™ will utilize a multi-level subscription model competitively priced against other platforms in the same overall landscape. CAPER™ will also sell sponsorships and advertising space to other companies. Seasonal contest entry fees and donations, for example, from foundations comprise the rest of the revenue streams. We plan to partner with various artistic venues and outlets, such as dance companies, theatre groups, galleries, museums, art schools, music groups, and arts festivals, as well as some technological forces, such as Virtual Reality companies.







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