Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of CAPER™’s unique process.

Build out your artistic network while CAPER™ works to recommend matches.

  • Create a profile with your information and examples of your work

  • Search for keywords to explore the network yourself.

  • CAPER™ recommends potential artist matches using an algorithm.

  • Ask to connect with other artists and chat with them before deciding to collaborate on a project.

Collaborate in your virtual studio.

  • Work with your teammates in a private virtual workspace.

  • Share and store information about your project, documents, media files, live chat content, virtual whiteboard content, and more.

  • Never lose your progress.

  • Video communication is available in these studios for more personal interaction value.

Option Generation Aid and Crowdsourcing Forums

  • Utilize CAPER™’s patentable software, the option generation aid, to explore the best possible route for achieving your artistic goals.

  • The option generation aid will first ask you to define your objective: are you addressing a need? is it for education? entertainment? promotion? activism?

  • Next, you will generate a list of pre-conceived options–options that you have for pursuing your artistic goals before interacting with the option generation aid.

  • You will then answer a series of questions or prompts meant to stimulate creative ideation. Such questions or prompts include “How would an art product that is created based on this goal make you feel?” “Select the top three feelings from this list and come up with a metaphor to describe them/integrate them.” These are designed to get the user to make mental leaps, to imagine the unimaginable, and then later deal with feasibility. You can also crowdsource these questions in the CAPER™ community forums to get live human feedback as well.

  • Then you’ll generate a new list of options.

  • Next, the option generation aid will ask you to identify constraints such as rules, regulations, available technology, schedule, funding, space, geographical location, human limitations, etc. You will explore whether these constraints can be relaxed or eliminated.

  • After refining your options, eliminating some, and perhaps adding more, you will compare them all in terms of risk, probability of success, expected quality of end-product, possibility of implementation, novelty, clear intentions, etc.

  • Finally choose one option and pursue it! You can return to the option generation aid or crowdsourcing forums at any point during the creative process.

Completion and Promotion

  • Once you’ve finished creating whatever art product you and your team have worked on, post it to your own personal gallery on your CAPER™ profile.

  • Choose to be able to post your finished work on CAPER™’s public gallery.

  • Choose to participate in an online showcase of your work.

  • Gain exposure and publicity for your work.

  • Do it all over again with a new team and a new project! The opportunities for creative inspiration and challenges are ever-flowing.

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